9,000ft Skydive Voucher

9,000ft Skydive Voucher
  • Location: Taupo, Waikato
  • Product code: 9K V

9,000 ft skydive available at limited booking times throughout the week.

Skydive from 9,000 ft with up to 30 seconds of free fall. Yeeha!

This will get you a 9,000ft skydive with us here at TTS. The voucher is valid for 365 days which gives you heaps of time to use it. If you do go over that time, don't fret, you can extend the voucher for an additional charge.

Please note when booking that our 9,000 ft skydive is only available at limited time slots, please get in contact with us to confirm availability.

Gift voucher is not redeemable for cash or eligible for a refund. Please note that we have a 100kg weight limit. If you are near to this weight or slightly over we recommend you get in contact with us so we can advise further. Vouchers used on NZ public holidays will incur a 15% surcharge to be paid on the day (no surcharge on video/photo packages)